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"25 NEW FACES OF INDEPENDENT FILM 2016" Filmmaker Magazine

"Potently pioneering ... [a] wondrous work of art, slash documentary, slash cultural commentary, slash love song to both Romania and the United States ... Hotel Dallas looks at filmmaking as art ... a great canvas spread across the beams of a movie theater, to be painted, slowly and in increasingly daring colors." The Huffington Post

"Surreal ... both a nostalgic look at the primetime soap as well as an indictment of the corruption that has plagued Romania since the end of communist rule." Variety

“Must-see ... Through the lens of a family whose ups and downs dovetail with the Ewings in some unexpected ways, Hotel Dallas doesn’t reflect American entertainment as much as it refracts it, reveling in its own unclassifiable spirit." Indiewire

"Eccentric, esoteric, and impressionistic ... lovely in its loopy rhythms and luscious visuals, a charmingly personal take on shared cultural history." The Hollywood Reporter

A combination of documentary, unstuck-in-time fantasy, and children's theater ... [a] uniquely skewed artistic vision ... The effect is mesmerizing." Baltimore Sun

"Refreshingly offbeat and innovative as it mixes abstractions, dramatizations, and outrageous musical numbers with more conventional elements of documentary, all of which illuminate the almost tragic absurdity of the tale. This entertaining work of art is a delightful intersection of cultures." POV Magazine

"[A] heady mix of fact and fiction that is the perfect surreal testament to life under a dictatorship." Hammer to Nail

"At once unorthodox and mesmerizing."  i-D ("10 Films We Loved At This Year's Berlinale")

"Audacious and unconventional storytelling ... a wonderfully surreal road trip." D Magazine

"What is Hotel Dallas? Truly, it is an embarrassment of riches ... scenes of indescribable delicacy ... a magical experience ... so full of compassion and sympathy for everyone on screen." Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"An enchanting film, a self-reflexive puzzle that somehow connects the popularity of an American TV show in the communist era, Brâncuși's Sculptural Ensemble in Târgu Jiu, the Merry Cemetery of Săpânţa, and the struggle to be an artist in New York ... A complex and courageous film that speaks to, among other things, Romania yesterday and Romania today." Romania Libera

"A hilarious, inspired journey ...  The film’s inherent–sometimes cartoony–strangeness is implicit in the topsy-turvy political situation it seeks to dissect. But it’s the dissection of a trickster, not a surgeon." Malta Today

"Composed with a lively style, original and varied ... With its interpolation of images and sounds—mixing Romanian pop and television culture, philosophy and parody—Hotel Dallas is the courageous act of a daughter reflecting, poetically and lucidly, on her family history and beyond." Sentieri Selvaggi

"A spellbinding and singular approach to an already fascinating intersection between pop culture, politics, and personal struggle." Ann Arbor Observer

"Unconventional  ... intimate ... It is simultaneously an ode to a gilded TV drama from a now bygone age, a conversation about life under communism, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and a musical about vegetable oil ... But more than all that, Hotel Dallas is a film about the slippery nature of our own memories." Knoxville Mercury

"A head trip ... an endlessly compelling film ... It's so out there that I stopped taking notes and just stared at the screen, wondering what in the hell I had gotten myself into ... For those wanting to wrestle with another way of looking at the world, this is a must see." Unseen Films

"What a wonderful film in Panorama. My pick for the Audience Award. Bring it on! ... The duo have made a magical, crazy, experimental movie, but one that is never dull and never gets lost in art for art's sake." FestivalBlog

"Definitely the most bizarre documentary of the festival." Intellectures ("Our Berlinale Favorites")

"Four stars ... Easily the weirdest movie to experience at this year's Hot Docs." Scene Creek

"A feast for the eyes." Next Projection

"Extraordinary." Cinema-V

"There really is nothing like Hotel Dallas." Cinema Axis

"Strange and haunting ... a sparkling oddity." Spectacular Optical

"Londoners should consider themselves lucky to get to experience this film ... It's a documentary like no other ... Prepare yourself to be surprised, enlightened, and have your opinion changed on how and where you want to be buried." The 405

"Become enraptured by the strangest of films, Hotel Dallas." The Panoptic

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